5 Fables. The world id closing up. TRL


5 Fables 5 Fables 5 Fables


5 Fables 5 Fables 5 Fables


“Little by little, after the grand and successful clearance sale, the world is closing up – finally or just for the renovation. That is why everything is leaving in different ways, flying away up and forward into the sunset, into the twilight – thick and fast or slowly and reluctantly“.

This is just the trailer for the upcoming series of short stories under the common caption – ‘5 Fables: The world is closing up’. But it won’t look like the shape animation as the trailer is. It’s going to be 3D animation for sure.

Each story has its own name, logo and music:

1. ‘Fail Whale and Hannelora’.
2. ‘Escape from Amsterdam’.
3. ‘Fly’s Thrust Airplane’.
4. ‘Shepherds Flat Wind Farm’.
5. ‘The Land of High Voltage Laundry’.

Coming soon.