About us

First of all, our studio is focused on inspiring visual solutions development, motion graphic design, artistic render, 2D & 3D animation, experiments & new means of expression research.

The fields of implementation we’re interested in — commercials, infomercials, music video, titles sequence, interfaces, motion graphics for movies, broadcast identities, interactive presentations, projected media for live performance and events.

“I’m Music Lab” is in active stage as a subsidiary sound studio. The stresses are set on sound design, speakers sound recording, music composing.

Production studio is in startup mode for the time being. We’d like to perform atypical tasks besides classic.

Our representatives in London, Amsterdam and Hamburg, never sleep and always ready to cooperate on various levels. Brew the coffee, make a close study of storyboard, prepare the treatment, make up an estimate, upload the final render.

From the New Year we’re starting to persistently recommend the different specialists of visual culture from Europe & United States here in Kiev. They are independent motion directors, motion graphic designers, talented 3D & 2D CG artists. These people are an authors of original styles, exceptional solutions & trends in global motion design.

We believe that any visual work in 100% of cases invokes only three reaction types — yes (approval), no (rejection), wow! (admiration). We’re decisively getting ready for production the images which capable of percolation through iris & deposit at the bottom of the heart.