What we do
Visual works

We’re consciously declining the habitual definitions — VFX & Post production, describing the basic specificity of studio activity.

VFX is the visualization of non-existent or real things. But in real world there’s impossible to have an effect on real things, required by director’s idea.

Post production is the very general definition, close enough to CG [Computer Graphics]. Some technical kinds of jobs usually bring up an association with this word. There’s something about monotonous & as a rule exceedingly typical modifications of already shooted by production company materials.

At the very best, post production is the embedding of CG elements into live action pictures. In other words these both definitions relate to production’s dailies & depend on it a lot.

Visual works, from our point of view, is the more accurate definition of what we aspire to do. In our case video is the subsidiary element. Shoot something that exists & add to it something that impossible to shoot. Arrange two visual sequences — natural & artificial — in one.

Frequently, any imitation of reality, objects, items & its own distinctive physical properties doesn’t calls for complex stage shooting. Furthermore there’s no need when we visualize the invented scenes, attach nonrelevant behavior to the objects, image the fantastic story, construct the association lines, allegories, mental images, abstractions.

We’re able to cut the masks for sure too, extract green/blue screens, make a track or matchmove the stuff, clean up the frames, retouch unwanted pixels, paint some mattes etc, but these kinds of jobs in itself aren’t exactly what we’d like our time devote to.