Delta Bank. Evolution




The credit cards in shapes of fishes, birds, insects & animals inhabit in clover in their little world of rivers, lakes, mountains, trees & plants, flying, creeping, floating & eating each other sooner or later.

One fine day whopping massive jumbo Credit Card #1 & his cronies breaks into usual course of life tromping, frightening the local population.

"Evolution" piece for Delta Bank is an exact example of throes of creation at work that choked us slightly as a breath of fresh air to the bitter end of the project. The stage of inventing uncompromising has overlapped the stage of production. It was extremely difficult to make the final decision about how everything should look within each frame for good and all.

On the whole, when everything was animated, the credit cards got creature's limbs, matte paintings of environment was projected on the landscape geometry, then we obtained opposed to further changes result. So, this is the brand new experiencesearching for solutions at the same time with emerging problems for ourselves.