Looming Land. Terrence


Terrence Terrence Terrence


Terrence Terrence Terrence


"One day the day after tomorrow on the outskirts of Looming Land, right beyond anomalous Aethereal Harrow on the edge of Infinite Dew Field, not far from ramshackle Droidbury Town, surrounded by snowbound ridge of Somersault Hills, a bit north of forsaken Saffron Wharf on the Lake of Million Drops, there will thrive, dancing tirelessly, Hornpipe Forest, where our first lyrical hero spends his days. His name is Terrence and he is the Silvan Gaffer." *

One of those blond lukewarm days,
That began to so rapidly ending,
(As it usually happens when infancy’s over
And there’s no other possible way),
In dense forest, where the trees love to dance,
Silvan Gaffer starts bending.

Fragrant juniper, hickory, syruping maple
Do the dance steps around dazzling glade.
(Bare mystery lurks in the gloaming thicket,
To reveal it no one's able).
Via creeping moss, mushroom’s bloom and talking acorn
Terrence is going to fade.

Cuckoo sings brand new song from the hollow in hat,
Time to play evil ape with the mittens.
(Fossil music wraps forest being born by the tapes –
Demagnetized, crumbling and sad).
Last sunbeam on the limb ebbs away and retreats,
Where shine’s always hidden.

Terrence mixes bird voices: waxwing’s, nightingale’s…
Sprigs of thyme, saffron flowers, gunpowder.
(He learns how to twist from the roots, wriggling snakes,
And don’t leave any trace on the trails).
He keeps rustle of wrinkled dry last year's leaves,
Teaching silence speak louder.

* This is just early bird short introduction of the first hero of our upcoming interactive book for iPad. It’s gonna be the original story called ‘Looming Land’ and it’s about four reserved friends who decided to change everything in their lives one day with a little help from the fifth one. Meet them all in the App Store soon. We hope this finds you well.